Friday, January 28, 2011

strangers. for real. we don't even know her name.

Scratch that. I have something. Another confession, actually. And embarrassingly. I thought of writing it before but,   
share yet another flaw? No. I couldn't. Who wants to hear it anyway?
Well, here it goes.

Friday night is big around here. Big.
It's almost Christmas Eve big.
Because the next morning Daddy stays home. And we're a party of 4 all day for 2 whole days.
If I'm not careful weekdays become just a means to yet another weekend.

Weekdays are oatmeal and home-brewed coffee.
Weekends are blueberry pancakes with orange maple butter & real syrup.
Weekdays are turkey dog lunches & taco dinners at home.
Weekends are ChickfilA & dinner at Carrabbas.

Weekdays are the park & the gym. Weekends are roadtrips to DC.
You get it.
And Friday night is the kick-off! Lots of Friday nights are family movie nights. A trip to the RedBox for the lastest release, kids pop the popcorn & we spread out our comforters & pillows on the floor. Kids stay up past 8 & get to eat in the living room.
It's stay-up-late-after-the-kids-go-to-bed-even-though-they'll-be-up by 7am night because tomorrow is the WEEKEND!!!

Only mutually agreed on plans get scheduled & usually they only up the fun & excitement.
Imagine my surprise on Tuesday when Dan invited COMPLETE STRANGERS over on yes, FRIDAY night 
(these folks are for real strangers. couldn't pick them out at a mall if they walked by. we've said hi as they pass our driveway walking their dogs & sometimes our kids go bounding down to pet them so we say something generic about the weather or safe like, "our kids love dogs" & "stay warm")

It started when Dan said, 'we should get together sometime'. I started walking back up to the house with the kids & heard "We're not doing anything this weekend. You guys could come over Friday night, if you're free" And it's a DARN GOOD THING I WAS FACING THE OTHER WAY cause who knows what my facial expression would have said.
I immediately started thinking of why we couldn't stay committed to that idea. No reason.
And here we are. It's Friday. Still no reason to cancel. Last night he confirmed it & they're coming over at 8.
I keep thinking about all the scriptures telling me to be hospitable to strangers.
I keep imagining that though they don't look the least bit needy & certainly aren't poor, there may be something we can offer that Christ wants us to.
I've got to be honest. This feels a whole heck of a lot more like submitting to my overly-friendly husband than obeying God.
Nevertheless, we are just 3 hours short of welcoming these strangers (neither of us even know the gal's name!) into our home.
Here's hoping he says her name before it becomes obvious we don't have a clue. Oh, and that they aren't dangerous or over-stayers.

photo: bakerella. this is frame-worthy. isn't it? & it tastes that good too.
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  1. I totally understand! LOL I would have flipped. LOL Maybe it's the New Yorker in us. You're amazing and will make them feel right at home. YOu're great at that!
    Let me know how it went!!!


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