Friday, January 28, 2011

just a plain old week

I can hardly believe a week has already past since my last post.
And let me say, confession is quite liberating. The cloud of cannots has lifted. The cannots of course remain, but they're not raining on my parade like they were. Thank you for the kind, encouraging comments & emails, btw. 

Just a plain old week this week. Hence no posts.
We went to IKEA over the weekend & snagged a few fun things. The best of which was the inspiration to get to work setting up the office after 2 months of neglect. Had breakfast at the new diner we've found in our new town.

Still on the lookout for bunk beds, which we'll need to settle on before the baby arrives in June.
These are PERFECT! But the price is not. Maybe they'll have a half off sale between now & then!

This brownie mix was rated #1 on the shelf and we gave it a try. Yep. Delicious. Just a dollar. No reason to make-from-scratch. They even beat out Barefoot Contessa's $10 box.

This little girl is giving. me. a. run. for. my. money. (if that means she's driving me bananas one second, melting my heart the next & back to shenanigans before i can text my husband about the sweet thing she just did.)

see. just a plain old week. here's to hoping next week comes with more amusement for the posting. Pin It


  1. love love love ghiradelli brownies, they are NEVER $1 here!

  2. Lilah Sophia and Corina need to be friends!!! Wow do I feel the same about Corina. She will have me histarical, and whack me with a flying object or bite her brother within seconds. A couple minutes of screaming and then tottling around like the world is hers. Oy!


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