Friday, January 21, 2011

A case of the cannots

I cannot keep my floors free of kid debris
I cannot get motivated to potty train my ambitious 2 y/o, when I recall how much easier it was closer to 3
I cannot believe I left un-washable art supplies in a reachable spot
I cannot get enough Say Yes to the Dress
I cannot understand why God created such inequality in a man & woman's libido (did you see this episode of Modern Family? LOL!)
I cannot sleep enough...sometimes 8, 9, 10 hours and still I want more
I cannot wait to hang with family for Carter's birthday
I cannot picture going out on errands with 3 kids
I cannot fit into so many of my clothes, & gave away all of my maternity wardrobe last year
I cannot be a {cheerful, energetic} morning person, as much as it would mean to my deserving husband
I cannot wear these pathetic pjs another season; it's shameful!
I cannot find a foundation I love. Wish MAC Studio Fix worked like it used to.
I cannot eat too much bread or Franks Hot Sauce.Oooh..I wonder if they'd be good together?
I cannot go another year without a visit with Gretty.
I cannot imagine life without the internet, my laptop, & iPhone.
I cannot alternate the same 9 meals for the rest of my life (loving this gal's simple recipes & food photos)
I cannot tell you what a difference in my SAHM life, having a gym membership makes
I cannot keep saying "not now" or "maybe later" because I'd rather wash dishes, fold laundry, read blogs, pay bills than play with Tinkertoys or Elefun with them.

I think it's the last one that haunts me most. That and the other "I should be a better wife;  a more creative & playful mom" ones. Ever just feel like you're walking in a cloud of your cannots? I want to live up to my own expectations. Pin It


  1. My best advice: I have "just showed up" by s. groves on my workout playlist...weird, because I never listen to it when I am pushing myself on the treadmill or elliptical. But when I hear it, it really motivates me to be better at every role I need to play. And it reminds me that I'm glad that I get to be a wife & mommy.

  2. You CAN (and do) inspire those that you don't even know.

    You CAN (and do) encourage others through every blog entry.

    You CAN (and do) challenge people's faith.

    You CAN (and do) want people you have never met want to be friends with you.

  3. thank you. thank you for taking the time to encourage me in that way. made my day!


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