Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do you take it down just as ceremoniously as you put it up?

I had a post all set for earlier this week about how uninspired I was to take down Christmas decorations, trying to make those of you who shared in my laziness feel better.

Ironically, this was the first year the decor had gone from looking lovely to cluttered. My typical feeling is as long as its cold outside & not yet Valentines Day, the holiday decor can stay. After our first Christmas, the tree was still up in Feb. Wild! I know. And not what you'd assume from my personality.

Anyway, in writing the post, including reasons it was perfectly permissible to keep your mantle aglow, I got inspired! Before I had chosen a good photo to add to the post, I had already taken Christmas down & packed it away. 

I have to say, it didn't take nearly as long as I dreaded. (I honestly contemplated throwing all of the ornaments & more in the trash a bag for Goodwill. This could give me the perfect reason to buy new stuff next year, instead of having to resist like I have in years past.)

And it is nice to discover how this rental home looks in its regular clothes. Still cozy & more clean. Thanks to the built-ins in the playroom & the major donating we did before our move, all the new toys have a home. Ahhhhh....
What's your "this stuff has got to go" date? 
Do you take it down just as ceremoniously as you put it up; 
say every year on Jan 1st? 
Do you have to buy new totes to store 
the new decor you're lured into buying that season? 
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  1. I told Greg last night that we were going to leave everything up until next year to save time. Can't do it. Don't care. I'm pretending it's not there.


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