Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little gift for following through

There is an upside to being the parent.
Tonight I made up for last night and he had no clue!

He didn't think anything of my staying in his bed long after the story was read, the song was sung, and the prayer had been prayed.

It more than made up for the heartache I felt after last night's discipline.
I ask him every time I pick him up from school what he learned or who he played with.
I almost always get "nothing" or "no one". Unless I look at the craft or worksheet in his backpack for clues, I don't get much of an answer.
Who knew that lying in his bed, lights off, noisemaker on, his memory unloads?!

Turns out if they fill up Miss Brandi's bucket w/tickets that they earn for cleaning up they will get to have another pj, hot chocolate, s'mores day.

I also found out some kids tell other kids "you're not my friend."
He doesn't (of course!)
I reminded him of the golden rule:
"We only 'do to other people what you want them to do to you'"
Carter: "They are mean. So I can just be mean to them."
Me: "No, Carter. You do to other people what you want them to do to you"
Carter: "Yes, mommy. They. are. mean."
Me: "Carter, you only...
WAIT A SECOND! Is he really getting the inverse meaning?
Is he really saying that since they are being mean, they want him to be mean to them?

No. Really?

Well, I'll never know because he moved onto telling me that so & so has a pony and so & so has a pirate lunchbox.
Anyway, I feel like I got a little gift from God for following through on my word last night & sticking with the discipline, even if it was tempting to go back on it. Pin It

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It hurts me as much as it hurts you

Your parents may have been telling the truth after all.
"It hurts me as much as it hurts you"
You heard them say it through your sobbing or your tantrum when they punished you.
(Notice I said, your parents! I never heard this from my parents, but I do remember the principle at my private school telling me that just before she paddled me)

Last night, I experienced it.
Carter lied.
Lying is a major crime around here. You don't get away with lying.
You're better off admitting to whatever other offense you may be guilty of, than lying to dodge discipline.

Anyway, he was in time-out. Crying, the shouting-kind-of-crying.
I gave him one last chance to fess up & choose the truth.
He chose to lie.

"Okay, Carter. No book before bed tonight
The end of the world.
I walked away. Did I really just take away his book?

I cherish our sweet & soothing bedtime routine of a book, a song, & a prayer each night.
He could hardly come to terms with the thought of no book before bed.

I wanted so badly to give the book-reading back to him for redeeming himself later in the night.
I couldn't.
I felt like a real mom last night.

Dan did bedtime!
It did hurt me as much as it hurt him, I think. Pin It

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I may as well make blog material out of my humiliating experiences.

I've been growing out my Victoria Beckham-inspired asymetrical bob for years now.
Pregnancy didn't promote the growth like I hoped. (boo)
And Biotin seems to be boosting it's health, but not growth so much (boo again).

I look enviously at others with the perfect pony, high & pretty!
like this one I saw in Cookie magazine:Click here for how-to
Anyway, my dreams were quite dashed last when I set my hair on fire!
Yep. On fire.
Sick & in a "can't-get-warm" flash, I turned to the fireplace.
I'm blaming the NyQuil from the night before for my MAJOR miscalculation of gas needed to ignite the flame.
In milliseconds my face & hair were in the flame. I had the where-with-all to immediately turn it off & my face was unscathed. But, not my hair.
A big thank you to my stylist for cutting & re-parting so as to cover the damages.
(And my husband for keeping his cool when he came in to the fire alarm blasting!)

For now, I'll let my husband light the fire.
And I'll try not to cry when I pass a perfect ponytail on the street.

Speaking of hair-RAISING...poor baby...
Thought I'd kill 2 birds w/one stone & just asked the lady that cut Carter's hair to cut Lilah's bangs.
They'll grow fast right? UGH!
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Monday, January 11, 2010

How can you just sit there?

written for Trinity Church's blog:

How can you just sit there?

I mean, I try & I try to sit & just read or sit & just write
but I fail.
Perhaps if I had this lovely chair I fell in love with at Anthropologie!

No seriously, take
Parent's Day Out for example.

(now called Trinity Learning Center.
But TLC just doesn't fit the same as Parent's Day Out does in this post!

My 3yr old goes 2 days a week & my 1yr old stays with me.
I plan ahead for the 8am-3pm time slot on Parents Day Out days.
Usually errands & housework after Lilah & I head to the gym for an hour.
Also on the t0-do list for PDO days is this goal:
For the 1-2 hour period that my daughter is napping, I will rest or do something indulgent like blog, read, watch DVR, blog.

What ends up happening is I do them all at once!

I get out the computer and start blogging & think
"gosh it's quiet. this is the perfect time to put on the unwatched episode of Project Runway on the DVR"
A few Tim Gunn quotes & photos uploaded to my blog post & I see that a favorite blogger has posted something new so I click over to read. The washing machine dings.
How can I ignore it when I'm just sitting here?

I switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
I'm up so I may as well make lunch.
I can't just sit here & eat lunch, blog & watch tv with a perfectly available washer, so I start the next load.
Now I've completely interrupted my creative process for blogging, I've missed most of the show, and have taken just a couple bites of my salad when Lilah wakes up.

The point of PDO (for us) is that by the time I pick Carter up at 3, the $21 has not only bought him fantastic social & learning opportunities, but bought me refreshment that day.
My mom can't take the kids one afternoon so I can have a break, because she lives in NY.
I don't belong to one of those dreamy babysitting co-ops I've heard about.
I do, however have PDO.
By packing it full with chores, I'm missing the point.

So this is my goal.
To master just sitting there.
I want to ignore whatever makes me so apt to multi-task for the sake of just plain refreshment.

Same goes for just sitting there playing play-dough with Carter
(not playing play-dough, texting, & watching the Today show).
And after the kids go to bed & Dan & I can be alone
(not Dan & I watching a movie while I'm getting up to date on Facebook).
Remember this post?

There. I realize this may seem to some a "fake goal" or certainly not an important enough one to post on this blog.
It's mostly selfish & not the least bit noble.

But I submit, what good is a stay at home mom if she isn't wholly present?
And how much more energy would I have by the time 6pm comes around & my husband gets home, if I took advantage of naptime for "me" time?

That's my goal.
Except I'll have to start tomorrow, because I failed miserably while writing this post!

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