Tuesday, December 14, 2010

you're my present

We had a house full this weekend. I loved every minute of it. The kids running around, taking every toy out of it's place & that belly laughing that I love to hear so much I nearly cry.
One night, sitting at the table after dinner, Carter (my 4 y/o) reached over and grabbed a Christmas bow & stuck it on his pretty little 4 y/o friend Avery and said, "you're my present".
She smiled, sparkly-eyed & replied "what do you want a kiss or something?"

If her mother & I weren't right there (thank God! could you imagine if we missed out on such a moment?!) I wonder if it would have been followed with a kiss or if they'd just have moved onto the next thing like they did.

Am I getting old if all I want for Christmas is a full house all season long? 

image source: weheartit.com
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1 comment:

  1. oh man...we have got some interesting days ahead of us with the two of them!


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