Wednesday, December 29, 2010

its so hard to say goodbye

It's so hard to say good-bye. (Has anyone else been singing Boys II Men songs since the Sing-Off?)
Goodbye Nana & Grandpa. 
What a wonderful Christmas we spent together complete with magical snowfall on Christmas night, leaving us snowed in the day after. So memorable & enjoyed I have nearly no pictures to document it. Gifts were plentiful, but just icing on the good-enough-on-it's-own cake. Just the way we like it.

Not having grandparents in my life as a child (that spoke English anyway) I'm blessed by both sets my kids have. They are loving, patient, generous, and long-suffering. 
I hope your holiday was filled with family & friends to share good food & conversation with in your comfy pants.
We'll miss you guys! 
(I know I did as soon as 6am rolled around & the kids ran to my bed & not Nana's!)

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Tara!
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