Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Dec 1st!

Ahh!! It's December 1st! I'll tell you what I'm thankful that detailgalblog doesn't have any paying sponsors because I failed miserably at keeping up my thankfulness posts before Thanksgiving. Sorry to my few readers that were waiting with bated breath. Thankfully most of you are my personal pals and you know exactly why blogging fell off the to-do list.
I'm back. We've settled into our home in VA and the tree is going up today.
We live a couple blocks from the historic inn pictured above and every where we go, it looks a lot like Christmas. I can hardly wait to start new traditions here in such a magical place for the holidays. I'm racking up quite a list of must-experiences.
I'm sorry that I got lost in family visits and decided to let detailgalblog suffer while I ate comfort food with some of my favorite people in the world. I thought about posting, really I did. But then all I could think of was "my kids running around with their cousins" "getting to linger at the table with my sisters and brothers" and "real Buffalo chicken wings, fingers, pizza" ,"souvlaki and warm pita bread dripping with mouth-watering Greek dressing". And who wants to read a list of thankfulness filled with food and family members.
Truth be told, I hope you were surrounded by people you love and loaded up on quality time with them as much as you over-indulged in pumpkin pie and whipped cream.
I'll try not to get lost in the magic of the holidays and share what I can with you.
24 more days!!!
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