Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Days 13-16: Thankful for

Day 13-16. On these cold weather, less-motivated days I'm thankful for...
13.  I'm thankful for $7 mascara that is every bit as good as the dept store brand I'd been hooked on for years. This one is a winner too & only $5.
14.  I'm thankful for a sweater or coat that makes an instant outfit. 

15. I'm thankful for dry shampoo & cute hats.
16. I'm thankful visiting family means grandparents making up for lost time with my kids from the moment they wake up.  And I get to sleep in. Past 8. Once to 11! Ahhhh...mazing! (and a bit embarrassing). Pin It


  1. HA! Just this morning, I wrote "Falsies" on my grocery list. Been wanting to try it. Glad to hear it works and that it won't be a waste of $5.

  2. Is "falsies" as good as Cover Girl's Lash Blast? That's my mascara of choice.

  3. Trying to be patient here...but you're 9 days behind...just sayin'.


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