Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9: Thankful for...

I'm thankful...
that my husband makes such a good pot of coffee
every morning

I became especially thankful for this one morning 
walking into a bible study with a couple of older women. 
I yawned & re-adjusted my slipping purse strap. one lady commented, "tired?"
I explained I hadn't had my morning coffee because my husband had to leave early 
& didn't make a pot like he does every day.
She looked at me and said, 
"I miss that too. He used to make the coffee every morning."
She was referring to her late husband. 
I had no idea.
And became instantly more grateful for my daily cup.
And living husband.
(Not in that order.)

image: weheartit.com
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  1. when you wrote this on my "things i am thankful for" i thought about it ALL DAY. so glad you shared the story here.

  2. dang pregnancy hormones. I'm teary now.


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