Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11: thankful for...

I'm thankful my daughter prefers her daddy

I always envied my daddy's girl friends growing up & hoped one day I'd experience it from a different perspective with a daughter.
Her case is a bit more extreme than I imagined
Let's face it: it's a hit to my mommy-ego when I pick her up to console her because she's hurt and she reaches for daddy.
And I feel bad for my husband sometimes, like say an 8 hour plane ride & she'll only sit with climb/jump on daddy.
In the end, I'll take the hit to my ego and his bruised lap eventually heals.
I love it. He loves it. And she's in love.

I figure after the next 18-25 years in daddy's arms, looking up at him like he hung the moon she'll be much less likely to fall for some quack. 
(Speaking of, did you guys catch the "chirps" episode of Modern Family? Cracked me up. See it here.)

PS: She stopped me in the middle of unpacking, holding my camera, asking "picture me, mama?" when she proceeded immediately to sit on the ottoman & pose, how could I resist? Pin It


  1. I read the first sentence a couple of times because I thought it said that you envied your "daddy's girlfriends"...caught me off guard a little...haha...

  2. Love these pictures Tina! What a doll baby!!

  3. That's my beautiful little girl. Can't wait to see her. Thanks for posting the pictures honey. -Dan


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