Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 thankfuls from under the boxes & bubble wrap

Somewhere under all the boxes and bubble wrap is a girl working toward normal but, secretly loving the spontaneity of the in between. 
A week ago we made the three day drive from the South-West to the mid-Atlantic with a 2 year old that could care less about TV sitting next to the 4 year old in endless screen-time heaven! The 80lb lab kept the luggage company in the back and made quite an impression as we traipsed into hotels after dark.

We're making this friendly American city our home day by day with more giggling than melt-downs. For this I am grateful.
Speaking of, here's my list of thankfuls from the first week of November.
I'm hoping to get you 1 each day til Thanksgiving.
And I'm hoping you'll give me grace if I have to compile again.

I'm thankful for...
1. iPhone
how on earth did people find the hotel, good coffee, or keep kids occupied without them?
we fully relied on that little magical device.
2.  Redbox
Does anyone know if it was invented by a road-tripping family? 
Rent one; watch it & get a new one at the next stop. The app makes it easy to find one nearby.
3. Starwood hotels
dog-friendly without fee. comfy beds & good water pressure.
4. Craigslist
sell your house in the place that no longer fits you. 
rent a cozy new one around the corner from everything in the city you hope fits for much longer.
5. Imaginative play & memorable meals on the floor as result of no cable/internet/phone & moving truck coming late.
6. Moving truck arriving. cable/internet/phone installed.
(let's face it #5 crosses from fun to frightening after so long.)
7. Friends that you left behind still just a text away.
you know who you are. i can't thank you enough.
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  1. i was so excited to see a post from you! that house is ADORABLE!!! glad you guys survived the move!

  2. Love it! I'm grateful for this blog!


  3. I couldn't live without my iphone either. Crazy how addicted one can get to things. Your babies are so cute!

  4. I can't say enough about how glad I am to know that I can get to you in an hour now. Having you here makes this place feel even more like home.
    Love you.


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