Friday, October 15, 2010

friday finds: life as we know it house

Life as we know it. Have you seen it?
In the mood for charming & predictable? See this one.
As realistic as a rom-com gets, 'Life' was perfect for an afternoon date for parents of young kids.
The reviews aren't favorable, but come on it's not trying to be an Oscar winner. You get what you would expect from a movie about accidental parents, struggling to set aside their hostility. 
If you're a musical montage fan, this movie is for you. Cute. Cute.
Anyway, my very favorite thing about the movie was the house! The exterior is an Atlanta home (that I tried so hard to find a photo of, but couldn't :) The interior is a set masterfully designed by Maher Ahmad. More on the design here.  
The certainly house upstages the movie.

If you've ever wanted to live in a Pottery Barn catalog, this is the closest you'll get.

See the movie, even if just for the house. Really. 
It has now replaced the Father of the Bride home as my favorite movie family home.
You may be surprised, like I was, and like the movie too.
If you haven't yet, see the trailer here.
*photos: here & here
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  1. It has been forever since I have seen an adult movie! Definitely going to check it out! Thanks for the review!

  2. You found some great shots of the house--it's hard to find many good ones before a movie is out on DVD, so I usually have to wait to write about them until then. I haven't seen the movie yet but need to. I keep hearing how fabulous the house is, and these photos prove it! Thanks for the sneak peek! :-)

  3. Yes, you did get great shots! I haven't seen the movie husband and I were supposed to see it this weekend. Of of th emain reasons for me to see it is the house! Thanks!

  4. jesse, i completely understand :) i could write so many posts about animated movies! we started using parents day out as a date day & have slipped in the theater that way.

  5. Does anyone know what type of hardwood flooring is used in the house?? I just love the white kitchen and the hardwood floor!

  6. Does anyone know where the kitchen stools are from? I have to have them! Love the rush covered seat and back!


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