Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lilah sophia, you're turning 2!

Lilah Sophia, you are almost a 2 year old!

you are crazy about shoes. my shoes, especially & you walk remarkably well in my heels. you will work tirelessly to get shoes on & even strap them on your own. you push your shopping cart around the house almost immediately after we get you from your crib in the morning. you will jump right into the pool, if we aren't watching. going under doesn't seem to phase you.

you say all kinds of words now & this makes our relationship so much better. especially since you know that i can understand your words better than your daddy, who has been your favorite since you could choose. i'm loving it.

your favorite thing to do is "hide". we laugh daily at you walking around the house with a blanket over your body, bumping into things & giggling. you can make quick work of my just-made bed, but i don't mind now since it's the only place i can count on you staying for any length of time.

you love "shohshies" {horsies} and doggies. "dahdo" {rocco} was your first word, after-all. and you're still asking about "haawy" {harry}, uncle peter & aunt beth's new puppy, who couldn't have joined the family at a better say "mommy {or daddy} hold me?" and it melts us.
you say "tootie, pease" and the next thing you know we're getting you an Oreo.

you have the sweetest curls. grammie says they're just like mine when i was little.

i love you, lilah belle.
happy birthday, baby girl!
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  1. She is such a doll! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  2. Lilah Sophia you are the most beautiful little girl and I cannot wait to hold you! Happy Birthday!!! Love Grammie

  3. great, great post...she's such a sweetie and we are blessed to be with her during her birthday week!

  4. Tina, she is beautiful! What a fitting tribute from a wonderful mom to her beautiful daughter. Hope you all have a wonderful day!! She does look a lot like you when you were her age!


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