Monday, September 13, 2010

Family birthday week! (month, really)

This is a special month because it's jam-packed with family birthdays.
My mom's, my daughter's, & my sister-in-law's is this week.
Happy Birthday, Michelle!
You're like the cherry on top, when it comes to completing the Poulsen family. I love you!

This post is for my mom.
In some ways, my mom & I are as different as our morning drinks: she's tea & I'm coffee.
In other ways, some I am deeply grateful for & some I can't believe I've picked up, I am becoming much more like her than the 14 year old version of me would imagine!

The one thing I sure hope I pick up is what a great Grammie she is. I think it's her best role yet. She's a natural; she's outstanding. And by investing in our kids, she invests in our marriage (ie "i'll come there & keep the kids while you guys go out of town for a few days")
Happy Birthday Mom!
Thank you for all of the invaluable things you instilled in me, intentionally & just by your example.
We love you!
PS: I don't think I've told you, I have a new habit of drinking peppermint tea before bed each night. Puts me to sleep every time! I'll drink that while you have your PG Tips when you come here. Pin It


  1. Thank you so much Tina, that was so nice of you. Cannot wait to share a cup of tea with you, miss all of you so much and it's killing me that you are so much closer this week but I still can't see you!!!! Enjoy and find that house with an extra bedroom please!

  2. love you ,and your blog posted it at facebook now for a nerw house and more joy!!!!!mom2


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