Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make your own key holder/milestone marker

I loved creating this key holder & milestone marker for Dan for our Copper anniversary.
It was sentimental, practical, and inexpensive.If you saw yesterday's post & want to make your own, this post is for you.

I used:
1 pc of unfinished craft wood ($6 -50% promo= $3 @hobby lobby)
1 pc scrapbook paper (.50)
1 pc cardstock (already had=free)
Paint for the wood (same as our interior trim, already had=free)
Mod Podge, matte finish ($6.99-40% coupon+$4)
Metallic Copper spray paint ($4)
4 screw-in hooks ($2 @home depot)
2 keys, copies made of our home keys ($3 @home depot)
Sawtooth hanging hardware: ($2 @Target)
Total: $18.50

*If your hanging hardware is like mine with the tiny nails, you may want to install prior to start.
10 easy steps
1. Paint the wood.
2. Spray paint the keys & hooks copper
(find other things that may look good in copper & spray paint those, because it's lots of fun to spray paint!)
3. Make "address labels" for the 2 homes by playing around with different fonts.
(I used a mix of Angelina, Anthrax, Adorable, & Footlight MT Light-all free here)

Make each label different as though they are your actual return address labels.
*The label shows some of the milestones we've met in 7 yrs.
(in our first house, it was just us two & he was just Dan. That changes in our second house. Dr. Dan has kids & we've moved from NY to TX)4. Print & cut the labels
5. Cut the decorative paper to frame the labels
(I chose the one of the three I could find with copper as the main color)
6. Glue the 2 together
7. Lay the address labels & keys out to create the pattern you'd like & be sure it all fits.
8. Glue the labels to the wood.
9. Seal with Mod Podge. I did 3 coats; letting it dry 20 min in between
*Learn from my mistake: wait for the printed "address labels" to dry before this step.
10. Screw the hooks into their places & two on the bottom to hold key rings.
I also typed out a little personal note on the same white cardstock in one of the fonts & framed it with left over decorative paper & glued/Mod Podged it on the back. Pin It


  1. Love it!
    Can you email me about the scripture cards? I have deets for you.

  2. I really like your copper "P." Copper could be the color I need in my life!!!


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