Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i loved when she said

I had a few hours free to spend any way a couple of weekends ago and nothing sounded worthy of my precious alone time until I remembered it was opening weekend for Eat, Pray, Love.
I went alone. Alone? Asked a friend. She was busy.
If I'm going to go to any movie alone, what more perfect movie that one about a woman who is exploring the world on her own. I love J.R. & seeing her onscreen again.
The soundtrack was almost as delicious as the pizza she devoured (more on that in a bit).
I hadn't read the book. Wasn't really interested. The movie was...not awful, not great.

I was a bit afraid that watching a woman abandon real life to visit all the places she's kept in her "I want to see that before I die" box would send me on the road to discontentment with my much-less glamorous life.
Then I heard this line:
"Having a baby is like getting a tatoo your face; you wanna be fully committed"
and I felt my defenses significantly diminish.

I laughed out loud. (which is quite liberating when there's no one to turn to for sharing the joke) when she said she'd write a blog titled,
"Carbs and Conjugations; a woman who goes to Italy to learn Italian."
And my very favorite line of the movie was:
"I'm tired of waking up every day & counting every calorie I ate yesterday so that I know exactly how much self-loathing to take in with me to the shower."
This scene made me want to transplant myself back to Figs on Charles Street (below) with my friend Angela, to share another Pizza Bianco w/arugula, roma tomatoes, and carmelized onions (recipe at link above).
She would have been the perfect companion for this movie, but my Sprite Zero & I were just fine.
Did you see it?
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  1. I haven't seen it, but am glad to hear a review. I couldn't read the book. I tried and couldn't get out of the first chapter. I won't bore you with why I couldn't get out of the first chapter. I'll have to check out the movie! =)

  2. Haven't seen the movie. Really enjoyed the book.

  3. Tina, Aunt Marcia and I went to see this movie on Sunday. We laughed out loud at a couple of spots. We enjoyed it. I agree with you, not the best movie I've seen. But a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon with a good friend.

  4. I really liked the book a lot. The audio-book is really interesting because it's the author reading it. I'm reading Jonathan Acuff's "Stuff Christians Like" right now. (Actually, my husband's reading a few chapters aloud to me in bed and we're laughing hysterically over how weird we Christians are...) And I am just waiting for the chapter on Christians' strange obligations regarding books/movies like this one. Are we allowed to see them and not have to justify it, and dare we confess liking such material without explaining ourselves? Or maybe it's just me. I wish I were as clever as Acuff and able to craft a light-hearted satire on this particular subject. But I'd just make people mad. You should read the book. It really is interesting, better than the movie, of course. (They always are.)


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