Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The copper anniversary gift

We've never followed the traditional anniversary gift guidelines before, but this year it seemed like a good source of inspiration.
#7 is Copper? Hmm...
The one thing I knew I wanted to capture were some of the milestones in our lives since that glorious wedding day of ours 7 years ago.
A move across the country, 2 kids, going from just Dan to Dr. Poulsen, etc.

This post at YHL was just the inspiration I needed.

I tossed some ideas around with my crafty friend, Heather (who happens to live in the same city as the YHL couple. Not important, but thought I'd add that bit of trivia for ya. You're welcome.)
Here's the finished product:I created "return address labels" from each of the 2 houses we've owned since we got married. This way I could capture some milestones.
A big part of this 7th year has been clarity on our next step.
The details will unfold over the 8th year, but one thing I can disclose is that it means a new house for us.
So, I had to add a temporary label.
And it's a key ring holder! Gotta love a practical gift.

Wanna make your own? I'll post the DIY instructions tomorrow.

First, tell me,
have you found creative ways to give the traditional anniversary gifts?

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  1. Very cute! I've never given a traditional anniversary gift, but maybe I need to let the list inspire me. Any chance that the "our new house" label might eventually have more baby names on it as well as a new address? Hmmmm???


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