Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrating our Differences. Year 7.

It's August 9th.
It's time for another round of celebrating our differences.
If you missed last years', you check it out here.

There are some similarities you hope to always have between you & your spouse.
Faith, family values, home address-to name a few.
Then there are some things you hope you'll never have in common.
Pants size or facial hair, for example.

I love that we have the same idea when it comes to date night and how often we have the same menu item chosen when it's time to order.

Either way, sometimes knowing your differences makes a world of difference in your relationship. Seeing it the way s/he sees it can open your eyes in a way they wouldn't otherwise be opened
and certainly help you understand each other.
(Seriously, why would someone put the dirty dishes on top of the dishwasher & not inside?) I digress.

In honor of 7 years of marriage,
here are 7 more differences worth celebrating!

1. If the steak needs A1, it's not worth eating the steak.
2. The impressive letters he keeps adding to his name.
(I'm pretty sure the last letters I'll add are Mrs)
3. The last iTunes purchase he made was the Star Wars theme for playing light sabers with the kids. Mine was "I Dreamed a Dream". (Glee cast version) Makes for some well-rounded kiddos.
4. Blue cheese isn't just for the wings. Dip your pizza too.
5. He almost never sings the right words to the song
6. Just sitting there comes naturally to him (remember my new years resolution?)
7. He wants to lose 5 pounds; he works out an extra day or 2 that week. I want to lose 5 pounds; it takes me a month. Scratch that. There's nothing to celebrate about that difference. It makes me mad just writing it.

Happy Anniversary!
7 years; loads of surprises I wouldn't have wanted to share with anyone else.

This year I went with the traditional Copper gift for 7 years.
Wanna see how I put a modern-sentimental twist on it?
Stay tuned...

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  1. Hey honey,

    Thanks for the great post. There isn't enough time to write about all the differences I love about you!

    Love ya!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! To a friend that deserves the very best and sounds like she married an amazing man to fit her perfect. Love you girl!

  3. Happy Anniversary, love you both so much! Mom

  4. Happy Anniversary! I cracked up at the things you don't want to share! I'll pass on the facial hair too, lol!

  5. happy anniversary!

    Now, how about that copper gift post?

  6. Thanks everyone! Christina, that was especially sweet of you, girl!
    We are blessed.
    It wasn't all roses & candles yesterday though, it was lots of Lilah's diaper antics, Carter's new whining & disobedient habits, and more daily grind.
    Now I remember why we always try to go away for our anniversary!


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