Tuesday, August 17, 2010

at 4 y/o he believes

It happened last night.
I cried this morning recalling it over my morning coffee.
We came home from a fun time playing at our friends’ house & were killing the hour before it was time for bed. We’d already done pjs & tooth brushing, but the sun was too bright & the kids were too wound up to pass off 8:10 as bedtime.
Lilah was bouncing between our laps in the living room & Carter was…well I can’t even tell you what he was doing. Talking about something, I’d bet. He’s such a talker these days. Describe him in a word at 4 ½ y/o: loquacious. Some of the time what he says is fascinating, sometimes I wish I had a mute button, sometimes I mentally push it & miss what he says completely. I’ve learned to keep “yes” from my list of vocal nods & stick with non-committal responses like, “oh yeah?”, “hmm..”, etc.
This time he made sure we were listening when he stood in the center of the living room and announced,
“we all need to pray right now.”
“we need to pray for the people in Africa. It costs one dollar to feed one person so we need to pray that all the people send the money for food. This is my praying spot. [kneeling, with his hands folded] You pray.” [looking from me to daddy and back]

“I think you should pray, pal. You’ve got it on your mind & in your heart. You pray.” I encouraged.

And he started. I can’t quote him because I went from “oh he’s really doing it” to “yes, Lord please send enough money and through enough people” to “he’s still got his eyes closed” to “this just may be the best moment in all 4 years of parenting Carter. He cares about people in need. He knows God will hear him and He can help.”
What a gift! He has no idea.
The gift is hope.
Hope that as I model my faith in Christ, as the source of my life, my children will take that faith as their own.
I know it’s by grace that they will. I trust that God wants them to believe and love Him even more than I do.
This morning, I cried picturing him kneeling there so passionately describing the mud on the floor where the African kids sleep and the dirty water that they drink and use for baths. He knows God has healed his cuts and colds and just like that He believes God can do this too.
You do your best but it’s up to him to choose what he believes. My heart is full.
At 4 ½ he believes “in the Way, the Truth, the Life”. (John 14:6)
*this passion for African kids
sleeping on floors & drinking dirty water
is courtesy of his very first VBS experience
earlier this month. he loved it.

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  1. i loved this... thanks for sharing!

  2. I had chills all over the place!!! Thank you Jesus for being so faithful and filling up those ages 3 to 103!


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