Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cut cable! We're glad we did!

I haven't read it yet, but that same blogger I mentioned on Monday has a series on how to have a baby without breaking the budget, and I think immediately of how I calculated how many diapers we'd need a day at the different stages & figured out how to make that much extra room in our budget before Carter, my 1st baby arrived.
The thing to go was cable.

While I'm not having a baby, and we're not adding any extra expense into our lives, last month I got the bug to cut cable again. It started when a couple of my friends randomly mentioned they didn't have cable, using services like Hulu, Netflix, and Redbox instead.

When it had been months since we founds something in all 100+ channels that we really wanted to watch, we decided we could cut it down to the local channels. "that's significantly less service than what you have now, ma'am." the cable guy said when I called to cut services.

It was the DVR that held me captive to paying for all of those extra channels we never watch. If I wanted DVR, it made more cents (pun intended! i crack myself up!) to buy the package that comes with it included.

You know what?
  • I don't miss DVR (I may be eating my words during football season, when pausing because I have to leave the room to clean the marker off the wall or refill a sippy cup comes especially in handy)
  • I enjoy only having PBS morning cartoons available.
  • We utilize Redbox for movies as soon as they're released, just as we always did.
  • On our already regular library visits, we now grab a new cartoon on DVD {for free} for convenience that the DVR used to offer.
  • We've played more family games & gone on evening walks, instead of tuning into the DVR.
  • The $50+ a month that we have saved is really just a bonus.
  • If you'd like to force yourself not to rely on cartoons for childcare during the day,
  • if you'd like to force your family on after-dinner walks or board games,
  • if you'd like to conquer that stack of must-reads on your nightstand,
  • if you'd like to have less of dropping in front of the tv after the kids go to bed & more jumping into your own bed, if you know what I mean?
I suggest cutting cable.
Use some of the $ saved on Redbox $1 movie rentals.
Netfilx isn't for us, but I know a world of people that disagree.
And there's always the good old library. {mom, can you believe I'm suggesting this? Oh the memories!}
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  1. No cable for us either...but we did buy a TiVo so we could still record the channels we get via antennae. Good option for us. Also, you can watch the "instant play" movies and television shows that Netflix offers via your TiVo unit. Very cool.

  2. This is great, Tina. We've talked about cutting cable for awhile now, but I just can't seem to let go of the DVR. However, our friends told us about Netflix through their Wii system. It's only $9 a month, and they get all sorts of shows like Backyardigans, Dora, etc. Plus, they get movies on them like they would through the Netflix service. I wouldn't mind letting go of Cable if we did that. It would be the expense of a Wii that would get me since we don't have one. Thanks for the post. :)


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