Monday, June 7, 2010

You're right. And other things that taste like vinegar.

He doesn't know it (well, until he reads this)
but I've been consciously & intentionally saying "you're right" when it doesn't bother me a bit that my husband is right so that maybe it will be less of a struggle to say it when I hate that he's right.

Remember this super relatable scene from The Blind Side?
Like Vinegar.
Oh yes.

I had a moment of clarity about the 7 year success of our marriage:
it's a whole lot of doing what I don't want to do.

Somehow bending and compromising
has chiseled this or that out of me so I fit more perfectly with him. And vice versa.
And I can't say I miss anything that didn't make the cut.
The investment is worth the sacrifice.
And sometimes I even end up enjoying it his way or the better-for-us-in-the-long-run-way.

Sometimes I just have to be willing to do what I don't want to do and that's enough.
I don't actually end up having to do it!

Sometimes he just needs to know that I'd be willing to give this or that up, or willing to give in and that's enough.
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  1. Great post!

    I had to spoon some vinegar into Natalie's mouth today! She had been lying lately. Saying "Landon did this..." or "I didn't do it" when she clearly has. We've been warning her and I finally got fed up with it today when she tried to tell me he made a mess with something (and I was changing his diaper at the time). Not smart on her part! So vinegar it was... and I think it worked. I reminded her of how our lying sounds like vinegar tastes to Gods ears- yucky!

  2. Oh girl! Well this was perfect reading today.I just gave God another, "help me to keep giving my husand the best of me when I don't feel like I'm getting the best of him" prayer. :)

  3. If that isn't an honest prayer, I'm not sure what is, Christina. Very relatable. Marriage is many things & one is sacrifice, sometimes blindly.

  4. I like your idea Ellie. Doesn't sound as harsh as hot sauce or soap-which I couldn't do, but vinegar, now that's meant to be digested. Hmmm.. Hope I don't have to use it. But lying, that seems like an appropriate punishment.


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