Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes He forgets

We saw a man with just half an arm at a restaurant the other night.
I noticed Carter staring at it. At him. Back at it.
(What are the chances that he just watched Star Wars where someone's arm gets cut off? And I've been razzing Dan about letting him see it since.)

Carter was across the room walking toward me, so I couldn't manually do anything to prevent what I feared most: him shouting something like "Mommy, look at that man's arm! It's weird."
To my surprise he didn't shout anything.
And he didn't even mention it to me when he got to the table.

Later on, at home, we asked him if he saw the man with just half an arm.
Yes, he did.
"Do you know why his arm is like that?" Daddy asked.
"Well God made him like that." I answered.
"Or he could have had an accident-with a tool or fighting in a war" Dan added.

"What's war?"
"People fighting to protect us." I explained.
Dan added a bit more about war. Carter thought about it a second & said:
"No. God made him that way."

"Oh yeah? You think God made him like that? Maybe." Daddy replied.
"Yeah. Sometimes He forgets." Carter said.

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