Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you tell your kids the truth?

We're pulling into the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A the other day & Carter asks,
"Can we go in & eat mom?"

"No, pal."

"Why not?"
There. Right there. Do you tell the truth?
Would you tell the truth if the truth would sounded something like this:
"We can't go inside because I haven't a lick of makeup on my face, I haven't taken a shower in 2 days & I am still wearing the same tank top I wore to bed last night"

I'm guessing he'd wonder "So what?"
Since he doesn't get the whole "other SAHMs who shower daily, have hair & makeup done before they even grab coffee or breakfast are in there & I'd be ashamed of my less-together-ness"(ok. laziness) thing.

Do you tell your kids the whole truth?
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  1. Ha ha ha... I know what you mean. My kids want to stop at every play ground or fun looking place on every trip we take. I will admit, I lie all the time..."b/c daddy is waiting for us" (when he's really happily playing video games), "tomorrow" (probably not tomorrow), or "they are closed" (not closed at all)...sometimes you've just gotta!

  2. There are SAHM's who are totally put together 100% of the time?? Im sure not one of them. Ive learned that sometimes little white lies that make it easier to avoid more questions are the way to go in my house... :)

  3. Shamefully, I often use the same stand-by our parents used: "Because I said so."


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