Wednesday, June 30, 2010

black bean brownies

i can hardly believe it but,
(Okay, I sprinkled 1/4 c of dark chocolate chips because I had just that amount sitting in a bag in the pantry.)
My friend posted this hard to believe recipe a while ago.
Today, with mounds of work to be done to settle back at home after almost 3 weeks away, was the perfect day to try them.
Just drain & rinse the beans, put em back in the can & fill with water. Dump the can into a food processor & whip it good. Add that watery-puree to the contents of the box (in place of all the regular mix-ins). Pour that into a parchment paper-lined pan & bake as directed on back.
Yum! Chocolately-fudgy-not-a-bit-bean-y-tasting goodness!
And think of the fiber you're adding when you grab seconds...thirds!
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