Monday, May 3, 2010

your pretty stupid idea that you have no business trying...

A few years ago, I discovered Kelly Corrigan the way most writers draw me in, through an excerpt in a magazine. I've read a bit of Middle Place & the effect of motherhood she describes in Lift is engaging. (click on titles to read excerpts)

She's a breast cancer survivor and a mother, & for both of those reasons I am shocked that she doesn't share my faith in God. From this article, I gather she is seeking.

Regardless of her intent to be Divinely appointed, this video is one of many confirmations God has stamped on my heart lately.
God is amazing that way!
When He wants to speak, and you are listening, He'll use anything to get to you!
It's extraordinary what faith, hope, and trust placed appropriately can bring!

There's a theme in our house this year:
"I do not want to be sitting somewhere when I'm old,
thinking 'I wish I had just done
It's an exciting and scary place to be.
We've arrived at the point where not trying seems much worse than failing.

I really think you'll be inspired by this short video & you'll probably think of a few friends that should to see it too.

What's your pretty stupid idea that you have no business trying??
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  1. Dang! That just makes me want to DO SOMETHING!!! I just gotta figure out what I like enough to want to be good at???

  2. well, you can start with coaching ladies in labor to be like you were in that video of birthing levi on your blog today!


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