Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks a bunch!

How was your Mother's Day weekend?

They really made me feel special this weekend

(and by they, of course I mean "he")First of all, he's always turned holidays into "weekends" and not just "days".
I believe I can thank my mother-in-law for that. And while I'm at it I'll thank her for loving him the way she did because I am the lucky recipient of that same selfless, sacrificial, extravagant love.

The weekend was full of my favorite things. I'm not talking diamonds or vacations, but my favorite ordinary ways to spend time with the family and on my own. The latter was a particular treat.

Shopping & trying things on, even grabbing another batch & trying it on too! It took some talking myself-into at first. I found myself rushing; quickly brushing through the racks & only glancing down the aisles as I passed. Didn't take long to adjust to the no-pressure, list-free shopping.

I hope you don't mind, but a public thank you is certainly in order. For doing my jobs & yours for the weekend, and for making me feel so appreciated in the ways you do so well, I'm grateful.
Carter decorated a cake for me, picked out a brightly-colored daisy bouquet, and convinced his dad that what I really wanted for Mother's Day was a game for his Nintendo DSi.
You've really figured out your dad's a softy, kiddo!
I don't blame ya.
Thanks for the Tetris game!

And thanks to my brothers & my dad for thinking of me too. Sweet. Pin It


  1. my mother's day was very similar and i had such a great time! glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. I like the new header with the pictures! Keep posting...I check everyday to see if you have updated! Love and miss ya! Come visit Paris- you can blog about it! :)

  3. Oh! yay! You know you can just subscribe to get updates & that may save you from checking back. Either way, I'm glad you are reading!!
    I would LOVE to come to Paris. You know that! And I can only imagine the posts I'd have about it.
    I have a free southwest ticket, maybe they'll start flying there before it expires!


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