Saturday, May 29, 2010

High dive!

That's my 4 year old in that splash under the diving board!
The requirements are:
you must be able to swim to the ladder after the jump;
no floaties, life vests, or goggles.

And he did it! Not a hint of hesitation.
His friends were requesting that he did it again. And he did; over & over & over!
Even the life guard stopped us and asked how old he was because
he'd "never seen someone that young do that. Pretty awesome!"
Carter didn't seem impressed with himself as much as he seemed glad he could make good use of the pool that was untouchable for him last summer.
Lilah pretty much has this expression the entire time we're in the pool.
She loves it. Don't be deceived. Pin It


  1. Too CUTE and so glad to see you guys out there!! While it is crazy chasing the kiddos around AND trying to visit, I look forward to seeing you guys out there some more this least until this baby girl arrives :)!

  2. Totally impressive Carter!! I'm not sure my 8 year old would do that! (Well, he would if he saw the four year old do it. He is a male. Gotta keep up appearances.)

  3. unbelievable!
    my son is just starting to learn how to swim this summer! way to go carter!!

  4. So proud of you Carter, can't wait to be swimming with you in a couple weeks in NY. love you, Grammie

  5. Hey girl, how are you? Your kids are absolutely adorable!!! Give me some dates you guys will be away this summer and maybe we can plan a couple days out in Lubbock?!
    I swear Lilah and Corina could go for sisters as Cori gets older. They both have sexy lips. LOL


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