Monday, April 19, 2010

simply steps

daddy & lilah stop for a tea party at ikea.
she screamed & squirmed & attempted to get out of the cart from the moment we arrived. and like magic, we hit the children's section & she became a different child.
finally we got a break from getting dirty looks from fellow shoppers.
forgetting what preceded this moment, it is precious, isn't it?
thanks to the iPhone for capturing it.

simply steps?
last week i was the guest blogger at i was asked to write a post on "overcoming". my post titled, today, even a wet sock can't get me down got a few comments-one had me thinking all week & inspired this detailgalblog series called, "simply steps".
here's the comment from starr:

I heard a pastor preach once on the popular Isaiah 40:31 verse. He focused in on the “….walk and not grow weary….” portion.
His premise was that it’s exciting to run, adventurous to soar….but life also requires a lot of just plain ol’ walking.
God helps us walk through our sometimes repetitive days without growing weary! I don’t even think I had kids when I heard that sermon, but I always remembered it. After I had babies, I knew why God was gracious enough to make it stick.
I hope you enjoy the simple steps of your life-some of us are better at stopping to appreciate them. I'm working on it. Hoping this series will compell me toward that goal just a bit.
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