Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds...Lemon-licious!

Friday Finds
(okay, so that's corny,
but my husband has a thing for adding licious to things he loves
& this, I love!)Buy 2 get 1 free at Bath & Body Works.
Anti-bac soap $3.
I know, I know, I hardly go to Bath & Body anymore either, but I got a coupon for $10 off!
This stuff is YUMMY! You've got to check it out.
Doesn't smell like any other vanilla and sort of smells like the CO Bigelow stuff, but sweeter.
It's super YUMMY! I think I already mentioned that.
I haven't worn body spray since college, but today I did the recommended layering of the shower gel, lotion & then finishing with the spray and felt an extra spring in my step. Pin It


  1. oh my gosh, so yesterday, i read this and thought, "so funny...greg would never add 'licious' to the end of anything."
    right after dinner, he told me the meal was something like "yumalicious"...I don't even remember what it actually was, but it ended in "licious." i started cracking up...

  2. i cannot picture greg saying it either. so funny!
    honestly, i'm not sure dan wants me announcing that he does...too late!

  3. I like this one. Thanks for sharing.


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