Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another milestone

A couple of mornings ago, my kids had been playing in a bedroom for about 10 minutes without any screams or tattling so I headed outside figuring I'd have enough time to rake off any remaining mulch from the area where I'd be planting annuals.
Finished that.
Checked on them (without them knowing, of course so as not to disturb this phenomena).
They were still in that bedroom. Peacefully.
I went back out & chopped up the dirt with my shovel.
Checked again.
Still playing. Giggling, even.
Went back out & started adding the mix of compost, fertilizer, and whatever else that Miracle Grow gardening bag had in it.
I continued to plant all 24 of my petunia & coleus plants in the bed.
All of them!

As I picked up the empty plant containers & my shovels to begin cleaning up, my 2 kids appeared in the front entry.
I couldn't have scripted it any better. I swear.
They only now (almost 2 hours later) realized I was outside! WHAAAT? A milestone.
They weren't even coming to tell me that one had hit the other.
Carter came out saying, "Mommy, we're hungry"
Are these my kids?
Sure I'd walk in & find the dogs water bowl dumped & all of the toilet paper draping the bathroom, but no, I only found this:
I'll take it. For 2 hours of silent, peaceful planting & a project completed, I'll take everything they could get their hands on scattered all over the bedroom floor. You betcha!

I guess you could say the downside came days later, when a massive rainstorm drenched this semi-arid zone.
I checked off any danger of a freeze, and figured the threats of rain that had been around all week with no actualization meant I was safe.
Did I mention I live in a semi-arid climate?
Our weather forecast is typically sun, sun & more sun with the occasional wind/dust storms. The craziest dust storms you've ever seen this side of the Sahara
(does the Sahara get dust storms? let's assume so.)

I'm tempted to go out today now that the pouring has stopped outside (and in-but that's another post) and blow-dry my petunias like Franc's assistant Hanc did in Father of the Bride! Pin It

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  1. Who remembers what Franc's assistant Hanc did, even who remembers those names!!!! except you, what a memory. I would have loved to see their cute faces in the midst of that bedroom. Is that a dresser drawer I see in the middle of Carter's bedroom?


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