Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, it's Ree!

Last Thursday morning, I was getting Carter's bag packed for school in my sports bra on the way to the laundry room for the rest of what I needed to be ready for my 9am Zumba class when I spotted The Pioneer Woman on Good Morning America.
"Oh, it's Ree!" I said outloud, grabbing the remote to hit record.
Just like she's my longtime pal & I'm running into her, "Oh, it's Ree!"

Then I cracked up at the irony.
I've never met her before in my life.
But as one of the millions of followers of, she's as familiar as my neighbor & I actually know more about the goings-on in Ree's life at this point, because of all she shares.

The crazy thing about the kind of blogging I do-sharing my personal stories, my family pictures, my musings means that the gal whom I’ve never seen before in my life that is standing behind me in the grocery line may actually know my kids' names, where I went last weekend, and maybe even what I’m going to do with the pot roast I’m buying.
You know?

It's exciting and disturbing.
I vacillate between the two.
I'm living in a city in Texas where I barely know anyone, but either because I sing on stage at a big church in town on the weekends or because I share my life on the world wide web I'm not as anonymous as I walk around thinking I am.

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