Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kids' cut day

It's kids' cut day!
(obviously more for our moms & family, living far away than the average reader.)

Lilah's first bang-cutting in a salon experience was not so good. Remember?
Today, I made her an appt with my stylist & the outcome was much better!

The experience however, was much the same.
Her on my lap, my hands on either side of her head, holding with a death-grip because of her extraordinary strength combined with determination to get the heck out of there!

Looking at the 2 pics, I get such a kick out of the same cheesy smile on her face.
She hasn't a clue how ridiculous her bangs looked after the 1st cut. Oh, ignorance is bliss; isn't it?!
Not a coincidence that the pictures are taken at meal time because, she will not stay still for pic unless she's strapped in high chair & distracted by food.
Carter got a cut today too.
Too cute; and too much of a reminder that he is going to be a teenager with girls calling for him way before I'm ready! Pin It


  1. I think the first time a girl calls here for one of my boys I'll just instinctively slam the phone down. With no control over that reaction. :)

  2. Wait a minute...she ALREADY needed a bang trim? Didn't she JUST get them cut? When Avery was her age, I could still count her hairs, I think...

  3. PS: The before pic of Carter made me laugh out loud (His expression reminds me of Screech)...the after...oh dear Lord, yes, you are going to get lots of calls from girls...what a cutie...

  4. so cute and handsome, I could just eat them up! Love and miss them so much!

  5. Carter has a look of "yeah, I'm cute", love him!


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