Monday, March 29, 2010 guest post

Today, I'm guest blogging over at
I'd love for you to click here & read my post about Spring Cleaning.
(a great time to let me know how you like the new design over there in the comments!)
Here's an excerpt from my post:
This year, Spring cleaning at my house looks more like the wild & irrational "nesting" that is typically reserved for and only acceptable for pregnant women.
You know the urgent request for your husband to stock backup light bulbs for indoor & out, tighten all of the knobs on your cabinets, replace the batteries in the fire & carbon monoxide detector, and hurry we have to flip our mattress!

What does Spring cleaning look like at your house?
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kids' cut day

It's kids' cut day!
(obviously more for our moms & family, living far away than the average reader.)

Lilah's first bang-cutting in a salon experience was not so good. Remember?
Today, I made her an appt with my stylist & the outcome was much better!

The experience however, was much the same.
Her on my lap, my hands on either side of her head, holding with a death-grip because of her extraordinary strength combined with determination to get the heck out of there!

Looking at the 2 pics, I get such a kick out of the same cheesy smile on her face.
She hasn't a clue how ridiculous her bangs looked after the 1st cut. Oh, ignorance is bliss; isn't it?!
Not a coincidence that the pictures are taken at meal time because, she will not stay still for pic unless she's strapped in high chair & distracted by food.
Carter got a cut today too.
Too cute; and too much of a reminder that he is going to be a teenager with girls calling for him way before I'm ready! Pin It

Monday, March 22, 2010

He knows me, mommy! I'm special!

I’ve got to share this with you while it’s fresh in my mind.

I've had a feeling a moment like this was on it’s way for a couple of weeks now.Well after the sun has gone down,
Carter is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in his bed after we’ve read a book & prayed,
it’s time for the song portion of our bedtime routine.

Tonight he picked the song I’ve sung to him since before he could speak.
It’s a Veggie Tales song from a personalized CD;
Carter” is inserted into the lyrics of each song & at various times the singing veges talk to “Carter”, encouraging him to sing along. Great gift from my aunt for his 1st Christmas.

A rather big deal for a little one.
The first time he realized that Junior, the singing asparagus said “Carterwas quite a long time ago & the novelty has certainly worn off by now.

There I was kneeling in the dark room, Carter lying still & nearly totally covered by his blankets in the bed beside me. I sang...
I thank God for this day, for the time to play outside, for the birds in the trees/for this special lullaby.... Carter’s grateful heart is a happy heart I’m glad for what I have/that’s an easy way to start for the love that God shares as He listens to my prayers...”

That’s when he shot up!
Looked me straight in the eye & exclaimed HE KNOWS ME!”

Stunned a bit.
But quickly composed, I lovingly answered, “Yes pal, He knows you”
Carter: “I’m special! He knows me! Why, mommy?

Now, I’m fully aware of this pivotal parenting moment.
Trying so hard to keep my cool. With his undivided attention, I said,
Carter, because He made you in my belly, buddy. He loves you more than even mommy and daddy do. He has big plans for you.

I shared a couple more promises from God for him because people, he was staring right into my eyes & soaking my words up like a sponge.
Then, he interrupted, “I’m special, mommy!”
(Oh God, thank you for letting me be the parent at the side of his bed tonight!)
Carter: “Mommy, Junior knows my name! Not every kid gets to know Junior. When I was in your belly he knew my name.

Me: “What did you say, pal?
Carter: “Junior knows me, mommy. I’m special.”

Me: “Carter, I was talking about Jesus. Jesus loves you. Jesus made you in my belly. Jesus knows your name.
Carter: “Jesus? Oh.”

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Monday, March 15, 2010

He says it like he thinks it

And before I knew it I was just
I wasn’t doing the figure-out-what-he-likes-about-me-and-emphasize-it routine.
I wasn’t hiding anything.
He was honest; without thinking, I was too.

I've told you here before that Dan and I met on a blind date, after 2 weeks of phone calls & emails initiated by my cousin giving him my phone number, predicting we’d be a good match though we were complete strangers, living in different states.

Less than 12 hours after the place closed and ended our date, he called me to say,
I had a really great time with you.”
I think I fell in love with him in that moment.
Vulnerable. Honest.

As a follow-up to date #2, before I got on the airplane back to D.C., I sent him a snail mail card that read
“I smiled the whole way home”.

On our 3rd date, he said something like “I enjoy being with you more than anyone ever before. Do you plan to keep traveling or will anything make you move back here? I'm just wondering what we’re getting into.”
No games.

6 months later, when he knelt down in Central Park with the ring that blinded me, he simply asked,
“Tina, will you marry me?”
No fluff.

He says what he means.
Don't ask me how long it took me to trust that.
How many ridiculous arguments we got into because I'd "read into" what he said or worse, what he did.

And if depending on his comfort ability with the group, he barely screens. Our poor family.
So, sometimes his honesty means I'm embarrassed.
Sometimes his honesty means I have to take a big gulp & accept the truth, the conviction.

But sometimes his honesty makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Like the other day,
I met him for lunch spontaneously after working out.
No makeup. Not even my best exercise outfit.
When we sat down at the table, I apologized
I'm sorry I look so bad
And he responded without a beat,
Tina. It's so funny that you say stuff like that to me. When I look at you I think one of two things: ‘my wife is pretty’ or ‘my wife looks really pretty today’”
And then I forgive him for calling me out for judging this or that person.
And for telling my girlfriend at church that he wants a “full frontal” hug, not a “church hug.”

ps: don't you love that photo above?!
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