Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"if i forget to tell you later, i had a really nice time..."

so my mom came to stay with us for a week. and as i told you here, dan & i took her up on her offer to keep the kids while we go away.
indulgence in all of our favorite ways.

for you, here's my report should you be thinking of staying where we stayed, seeing what we saw, or eating where we ate.
hyatt hil
l country resort
favorite detail: 2 large stone wood-burning fireplaces in the entry fill the air-everywhere with that nostalgic campfire smell.
..waking up in our bed & smelling the fire from 2 floors below, looking out from our balcony at their incredible grounds, couldn't ask for much more.
we went in their off-season & got discounted rates. this resort is most well known for its 4 acre waterpark & plethora of activities for kids during spring/summer season (& its minutes from sea world-which we loved last year!)

saw 3 movies, tried out 3 different theaters
(dan's pick about movie theaters. i'm just happy when he's happy. he doesn't like our local theaters, so this was a treat)
i have to say, neither of us loved any of the 3 movies.
each was enjoyable, but not great. you'll have to tell me what you think.
there was something about all 3 that i loved: the music!

Valentines Day movie
favorite detail: Say Hey! (I love you)
I downloaded it & danced to it as many times as I could get Dan to let me on the ride home!
(oh, and the row of teenagers behind us that didn't get it because they've never seen pretty woman. really?)

Up in the Air

favorite detail: This Land is Your Land

Dear John
favorite detail: Little House
Amanda Seyfried (leading actress in the movie wrote & preformed the song!
love the more-than-an-actress talent!)

ate lots of great meals, over which we realized we've retained the ability to have adult conversation, not about the kids. hooray!
favorite by far: HIGHLY RECOMMEND to you if you're anywhere close to San Antonio:
DOUGH pizzeria
Real Neapolitan pizza. Pizza is cooked in a 900 degree wood-burning oven, made by a master mason in Naples. Dan & I agree on most things, thankfully one of them is food. So we can order & share & enjoy the same things. Love it! Chose the antipasti platter that came with our favorite choices of Italian meats & cheeses along with this perfect foccacia bread. Truth is we were full from that, but the pizza was eaten & enjoyed w/fontina cheese & mushrooms. Oh this is a fantastic place! A piece of Italy smack-dab in the middle of Tex-mex & BBQ mecca.
Go! You'll love it!
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