Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little gift for following through

There is an upside to being the parent.
Tonight I made up for last night and he had no clue!

He didn't think anything of my staying in his bed long after the story was read, the song was sung, and the prayer had been prayed.

It more than made up for the heartache I felt after last night's discipline.
I ask him every time I pick him up from school what he learned or who he played with.
I almost always get "nothing" or "no one". Unless I look at the craft or worksheet in his backpack for clues, I don't get much of an answer.
Who knew that lying in his bed, lights off, noisemaker on, his memory unloads?!

Turns out if they fill up Miss Brandi's bucket w/tickets that they earn for cleaning up they will get to have another pj, hot chocolate, s'mores day.

I also found out some kids tell other kids "you're not my friend."
He doesn't (of course!)
I reminded him of the golden rule:
"We only 'do to other people what you want them to do to you'"
Carter: "They are mean. So I can just be mean to them."
Me: "No, Carter. You do to other people what you want them to do to you"
Carter: "Yes, mommy. They. are. mean."
Me: "Carter, you only...
WAIT A SECOND! Is he really getting the inverse meaning?
Is he really saying that since they are being mean, they want him to be mean to them?

No. Really?

Well, I'll never know because he moved onto telling me that so & so has a pony and so & so has a pirate lunchbox.
Anyway, I feel like I got a little gift from God for following through on my word last night & sticking with the discipline, even if it was tempting to go back on it. Pin It


  1. Last time Carter was here, I took his picture in that hat. When I got out the camera he told me "I will leave on my hat. I look handsome in this hat." I agree. :-)

  2. Tina! I love your blog posts. My son, Thomas, is a lot like Carter. When I ask him about school, he says, "I don't want to talk about it." But we have found the same thing to be true...he completely opens up at bedtime. I don't know if it's a stall tactic or what, but it works...'cause I want to hear all about it. We now try to go to bed about 15 minutes earlier so we have plenty of time to hear all about the things we really want to know. P.S. I wish I took the time to blog like you do. Miss ya!

  3. I knew he would pull through!!! Love that little guy he has an amazing spirit about him!! Kinda like his mommma;)


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