Monday, January 11, 2010

How can you just sit there?

written for Trinity Church's blog:

How can you just sit there?

I mean, I try & I try to sit & just read or sit & just write
but I fail.
Perhaps if I had this lovely chair I fell in love with at Anthropologie!

No seriously, take
Parent's Day Out for example.

(now called Trinity Learning Center.
But TLC just doesn't fit the same as Parent's Day Out does in this post!

My 3yr old goes 2 days a week & my 1yr old stays with me.
I plan ahead for the 8am-3pm time slot on Parents Day Out days.
Usually errands & housework after Lilah & I head to the gym for an hour.
Also on the t0-do list for PDO days is this goal:
For the 1-2 hour period that my daughter is napping, I will rest or do something indulgent like blog, read, watch DVR, blog.

What ends up happening is I do them all at once!

I get out the computer and start blogging & think
"gosh it's quiet. this is the perfect time to put on the unwatched episode of Project Runway on the DVR"
A few Tim Gunn quotes & photos uploaded to my blog post & I see that a favorite blogger has posted something new so I click over to read. The washing machine dings.
How can I ignore it when I'm just sitting here?

I switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
I'm up so I may as well make lunch.
I can't just sit here & eat lunch, blog & watch tv with a perfectly available washer, so I start the next load.
Now I've completely interrupted my creative process for blogging, I've missed most of the show, and have taken just a couple bites of my salad when Lilah wakes up.

The point of PDO (for us) is that by the time I pick Carter up at 3, the $21 has not only bought him fantastic social & learning opportunities, but bought me refreshment that day.
My mom can't take the kids one afternoon so I can have a break, because she lives in NY.
I don't belong to one of those dreamy babysitting co-ops I've heard about.
I do, however have PDO.
By packing it full with chores, I'm missing the point.

So this is my goal.
To master just sitting there.
I want to ignore whatever makes me so apt to multi-task for the sake of just plain refreshment.

Same goes for just sitting there playing play-dough with Carter
(not playing play-dough, texting, & watching the Today show).
And after the kids go to bed & Dan & I can be alone
(not Dan & I watching a movie while I'm getting up to date on Facebook).
Remember this post?

There. I realize this may seem to some a "fake goal" or certainly not an important enough one to post on this blog.
It's mostly selfish & not the least bit noble.

But I submit, what good is a stay at home mom if she isn't wholly present?
And how much more energy would I have by the time 6pm comes around & my husband gets home, if I took advantage of naptime for "me" time?

That's my goal.
Except I'll have to start tomorrow, because I failed miserably while writing this post!

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  1. i struggle SO BADLY with this. there was a month straight where i used my "nap times" to focus on relaxing myself, but after thanksgiving things started to pick up and i find myself trying to pack too much into that time... writing youth curriculum, preparing for a meeting, trying to respond to my 20 emails, phone calls, etc. once the kids wake up i am stressed out! thanks for the wonderful reminder!!!

  2. Same for me too. I'm especially guilty of having to get something accomplished while playing with the kids. They want me to play and I just have to be folding the laundry or doing some bills or something while we are playing. Playing seems like such a waste of time when really, it's possibly the best use of my time...investment in my kids.

  3. LET THE HOUSE GO!!!! Enjoy your children, you never get that time back and oh how I miss it. All those never ending tasks, NEVER END and there is always time to get caught up. Take your "me" time, you will be less stressed and a better wife and mother because you took care of you! Love you, Mom


  5. Tina, I don't know of too many moms who can "just sit", it is part of the job. I suppose when we are older and our bodies may need for us to do that we can, perhaps that is why God allows us to be busy when we are young, because our bodies can handle it now.


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