Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I may as well make blog material out of my humiliating experiences.

I've been growing out my Victoria Beckham-inspired asymetrical bob for years now.
Pregnancy didn't promote the growth like I hoped. (boo)
And Biotin seems to be boosting it's health, but not growth so much (boo again).

I look enviously at others with the perfect pony, high & pretty!
like this one I saw in Cookie magazine:Click here for how-to
Anyway, my dreams were quite dashed last when I set my hair on fire!
Yep. On fire.
Sick & in a "can't-get-warm" flash, I turned to the fireplace.
I'm blaming the NyQuil from the night before for my MAJOR miscalculation of gas needed to ignite the flame.
In milliseconds my face & hair were in the flame. I had the where-with-all to immediately turn it off & my face was unscathed. But, not my hair.
A big thank you to my stylist for cutting & re-parting so as to cover the damages.
(And my husband for keeping his cool when he came in to the fire alarm blasting!)

For now, I'll let my husband light the fire.
And I'll try not to cry when I pass a perfect ponytail on the street.

Speaking of hair-RAISING...poor baby...
Thought I'd kill 2 birds w/one stone & just asked the lady that cut Carter's hair to cut Lilah's bangs.
They'll grow fast right? UGH!
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  1. Oh, poor Tina! That's AWFUL! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm glad you're alright, though. On a side note, Lilah's bangs are darling and make her look so much older.

  2. I am a terrible person and jerk friend for laughing at your beautiful child. But oh my! That is a SERIOUS bang trim!! She's still darling.

  3. Aw Tina! That must have been awful! I am sure glad there was no worse damage.
    I bet we could have a LOT of fun sharing some of our "blonde moments"... I have a few myself.
    Oh, and Lilah is so, so cute.

  4. Tina, this post reminds me that you are indeed your mom's girl!! I remember her doing the same thing in our childhood home in the basement when whe went to light a gas oven! Even her eyebrows were gone! And her hair, a MESS!

  5. And I guess you won't have to trim Lilah's bangs for a while!

  6. But the biggest question is...are your lashes okay?????

  7. so scary, brings back some bad memories for me. Do be careful and yes let Dan be the fire starter from now on. Poor Lilah, brings back more bad memories of my own bangs!!! So glad you are alright. Mom

  8. Oh my goodness!! I want to see a pic of your hair and what a great job your hairstylist probably did. I'm so glad your okay!!!! How scary! Lilah is so cute and her haircut looks so sophisticated. Yes, her bangs are short but will grow out. Did you say anything to the lady that cut them? How do you mess up a straight cut? Grrr....


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