Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Superheros in my shower

Opened my shower door this morning to find the usual suspects:
shower gel,
sugar scrub,
soapscum (UGH!),
wait! superheros?!

Isn't it just the sign of toddlers living at home?
Earlier in the week my round brush was in my sock drawer, the remote was in the pantry, & my shoe was in the hamper. That's a 1 year old for you.
Right now, when I'm running out the door & need my other shoe it's not so cute. And when I've got wet hair & an appt in 20 min, it's super irritating to finally find my hair dryer in the toy box. But, one day, I'll read this post & miss this stage. I just know it. At least that's how I grin & bear it!

PS: The soapscum in the shower picture is ultra-embarrassing, living w/hard water poses all kinds of wars for a housekeeper...housewife, I mean.
Okay, so tell me about your little re-arranger!

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  1. I love this! I have found drumsticks in with my cutting boards, Little People in my fridge, and many, many things in the dog dish "swimming". So, needless to say, I can relate!!
    I got your comment on my post- that's so funny- I remember seeing us post on the same article, I think at one time. Love it! We are totally on the same page!

  2. yes... some day we will LONG for these days to come back!

    I find baby dolls and a gideon bible on the side of my tub (they were waiting their turn to go potty) and stacking cups in the refrigerator! :)


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