Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day!

We are still collecting holiday traditions for our young family. The few we have, I really look forward to come December. We trim the tree & decorate the house on Thanksgiving Day/weekend.Last year we did a Gingerbread train (click here to see last year's masterpiece).
This year Carter picked out a Gingerbread house. (which somehow turned out lots sloppier than last year & i had anticipated the opposite. hmm...)
We've added a book this year to tell the story of Jesus' birth.
The cover (pictured center) will hold pages from a Nativity coloring book I picked up.
Each page telling/teaching him a part of the story.

The construction paper links are new this year too. Anticipation is the point of this one. We linked 24 strips of Christmas colored paper together & will remove one each day until Christmas.Best of all, when Dec 1st came so did a snowfall! In Texas!
Dan was sick & stayed home. I had no plans that couldn't be canceled.
We had our very own Snow Day!
All of the crafts above were done while Lilah napped & after Dan had plenty of rest so he could join us. It was THE BEST SURPRISE!
Hot chocolate & hot coffee in snowflake mugs kept us warm by the fire.
If only every Dec 1st we could have a Snow Day!!
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