Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trinity Church Women's blog

Okay, I'll admit, when we moved here about 4 years ago, I had heard that Shane Bernard had gone to Trinity Church & I was a big fan, so we checked it out (of course, he wasn't there, but I figured they'd have good music!) They do.

After visiting other churches in town, we settled on Trinity as our home.
First thoughts were: the worship leader sounds a bit like Brian McKnight & the young guy sounds like he could record with the Passion worship leaders.
The Pastor preaches the Word, and boy does he know it, quote it (& I would read along to see if he was really that good!)
Then I found that his wife also knows her Bible. Very cool. I love when there's a powerhouse woman cased in this perfectly feminine package.

I've enjoyed being a part of the Worship & Creative Arts team, and now I'm honored to be a guest blogger on our newly launched Women's Ministries blog.

Today is my first post, with the month long topic being PRIZE. Check it out here.

Now, I'm praying that detailgal.com remains as transparent & true to the way it vacillates between the shallow & the serious, knowing that any church member could be reading! I need this outlet. Need not to be screening my thoughts based on this or that person. That's hard for an "I-want-you-to-like-me-gal". You know?
Ok. Check it out. What do you think?
I want you to like it!!!!!
Transparency? Check!

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  1. I love you Tina!!! U keep being u! 100%!!! Your blog rocks and your transparency is what makes me love you more and more!!!


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