Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retail therapy?

You know that wall or corner of your house you haven't filled yet? The one you know how you want to decorate but haven't found what you had in mind or had the $ to buy what you really want to put there yet. That one. That was my bedroom wall. Large, contractor-neutral-painted wall, with a high ceiling & a unique angle.

I found what I wanted to put there when I really wasn't looking a week or so ago. AND I got $200 off the retail price! Hooray! It just fit in my trunk, sweeping just past Lilah's head in the backseat. (Lord, don't let a cop pull me over for obstructed vision & child-endangerment!)

I was out shopping when I probably shouldn't have been. But I had that itch. The shopping itch. Do you get that itch? You just want to SHOP!

Maybe it isn't just an itch after all? Maybe it's medical like this article in Parenting magazine suggests
Hmm...What do you think? Medical excuse for shopping?! Who knew?!

I thought it was the red cups that just came out at Starbucks & the Christmas decor in the stores putting me in the mood. I was thinking new shoes or some Fall decor on clearance.
Whatever the reason, I finally filled that sad, vacant wall in my bedroom & for just over $100. Pin It


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