Monday, November 9, 2009

Guess he told me

Me: Carter, you know some kids don't get to have presents under their Christmas tree.
Carter: Why not?

Me: Some parents don't have jobs. They don't have enough money to buy their kids toys. Do you think there is something we can do to help those kids?
Carter: (without missing a beat) We can give them my toys. Like my Batmobile,...

Me: Well, don't you still play with your Batmobile? We can give them some toys that you don't play with anymore.

Carter: No, mommy. I like my Batmobile. They would like my Batmobile. We should give them a toy they would like.

Embarrassed thinking I was going to be the teacher on the lesson in giving.
I was prepared to convince him to part with the toys he's had for over a year & next to never touches. And I honestly never thought of giving away a new toy. The Batmobile is one of his favorites.
Maybe this is why Jesus praises the childlike heart. (Matt 18:2-6)
Simply, Carter wanted to give away a toy he'd like to find under the tree.

*Is 11:6 "...a child shall lead them."

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  1. LOVE THIS... and was very convicted!

  2. Wow!! Tell Carter your friends are soooo proud of him!! He will make a great teacher one day! Well, maybe he's already started. How wonderful!

  3. this story made me smile. what a great kid you have.


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