Sunday, November 29, 2009

Give what you've got!

When I think of charitable giving, money is the first thing that comes to mind. Then, maybe "write-off" or "Goodwill". How about you?

A couple of months ago I felt like God had spoken to my heart.

"Give what you've got!"

Over & over this same message has come to me in various forms since then.

I've been on the receiving end of people "giving what they've got" for as long as I can remember. Everything from tuition paid for youth camp to a brand new car before college. In these economic times, money is tight, but that doesn't rob you of the blessing of giving.

What do you have that you can give?

First idea that came to mind was my attic full of baby clothes & supplies. They are washed & neatly folded according to season & size. Most of their labels are Gap & Gymboree, but I bought them at WalMart prices-which is a big thrill for me!

I want whomever receives these things to appreciate the value, so the benefit of my bargaining doesn't end with my kids. I've been storing them in case I happen to hear of someone who needs them.

No more waiting, I needed to "give what I've got"!

Within days, I had most all of it given to the perfect recipients. The way these people came across my path & the stories of how fitting the stuff ended up being could fill the rest of this post, so I won't share details (maybe a first for me!)

What else do I have that I can share?

Our family went to the Drive-In (an interesting experience with a 3 & 1 year old!)

to see The Blind Side

A true story. The Touhy family gives what they have to "Big Mike", a homeless African American boy.

The Touhys gave him a home. A family. Support. Protection.

Michael Oher leaves the Touhy family home to play football at Ole Miss. He was 23rd pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft! He is currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Hearing this story begs the question:

What do I have that can make a difference in someone's life?

Recently, our family was blessed again by someone "giving what they had".

This family happens to have lots of frequent flier miles leading to free airline tickets.

I didn't know this when I came back from visiting my family in NY & shared how much I now missed my kids playing with their cousins & how refreshed I felt after the conversations I had with my brothers & sisters. Weeks later, she offered what felt like a million dollars to me-her airline miles.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

  • Thanksgiving was shockingly hard for me to spend without extended family.
  • I had just surrendered what schemes I had to go home for Christmas to our family's budget & savings goals.
  • and of course, God has been sending this message "Give what you've got" to me.

What have you got to give?

*image: click here for purchasing gift tag by farouche on Etsy

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  1. such a great reminder... b/c i too, have been on the receiving end a lot more times than i deserve!

  2. Hey girl! I just wrote your thank you card last night so that is on the way. I have to say your clothes you packed for us at least were a huge blessing!! Times are really hard right now and I think Joel is at his end. Everything expensive has broken and then new baby on the way. His job took $30,000 pay cut from the job he previously had last year. Loooooong story short. So much to be thankful for and we have been so blessed by people this last year and it blows me away how God provided each and every month. Can't wait to again be on the giving (present-wise) end of things. Hopefully soon coming. Right now I'll focus on lessons that need to be learned through this! Love you, and thank you for the clothes! Good blogs!!


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