Monday, October 26, 2009

Strong Museum of Play

First stop in NY,well...after family living rooms & dining tables covered with Buzzy's pizza & Buffalo wings, Dunkin Donuts, and Wegmans, of course, was Strong Museum of Play.

Truth is, playing took precedents over pictures at this place. As you'll see in the collage below, it was a feast for the eyes, so getting the kids to look at my lens was nearly impossible. There was SO much to do & see there, we didn't even make it to the Toy Hall of Fame. The highlights were the Wegmans' grocery store, Sesame Street with Elmo's world, and Bearenstain Bear Country.

Their kid-size Wegmans was outstanding. Details! Details! Details! Down to printing your receipt!

Each area had something for Carter at 3 & something for Lilah at 1. BONUS!
Something for everyone! This place just goes on & on & on...the train, the post office, the theater, the story land, even the Marvel Comics exhibit that Dan & Carter broke into before it was open to the public the next week...
We had a blast!
We drove a bit over an hour to get there. I'd drive even more. Well worth it. If you're anywhere nearby.

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