Friday, October 23, 2009

Speaking of technical difficulties

We boarded our 3 stop, 8 hour day of plane riding with a 3 year old & a 1 year old armed with technical support. Leapster2 bought with this trip in mind, a DVD player, and high hopes for a short nap from both of them, iPods stocked with songs & audiobooks to take us away mentally IF the naps never came.
Turns out the DVD player hadn't charged the night before, the Leapster2 wouldn't turn on, Dan's iPhone had to be replaced & all of his songs were erased, my iPhone quickly became the stand in for 3 year old entertainment.
Carter did awesome! I mean really, I'm amazed. Long flights for 8 hours with no DVD player or Leapster & he sat still, ate through the snack bag & just looked out the window or started conversations with me.
Lilah, was a different story. Fussed most all of the day. She would only sit with Dan, so he had no relief except for that one flight when she screamed herself to sleep on his shoulder. I noticed her face was right in the sun & decided to move her to his other shoulder...& she woke up! Sorry, Dan.
I'll never understand why the grey-haired folks seem to look over their shoulder at you & the crying (ok screaming) baby on your lap. Really? Do you think that I'm witholding some magic solution to this problem that your judgemental stare will prompt me to pull out?
What a day.
We'll take it though. We both agree we had the best visit back home with family we've had since we moved away 4 years ago.
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  1. i think you need to ask the grey haired person who stares at you over their shoulder, ask them if they have any advice! They went through it once!

    Good job Tina's phone!

  2. How easy it is for the older folks to forget what it was like...
    Glad you had a fun trip, good job Carter!

  3. Glad the trip was worth it, I know those 8 hour all day traveling times can be grueling but well worth it. Miss you guys so much already, hard to clean up my house and see a lost sock, a sippy cup hidden under the chaise, books I read my grandkids and they forgot to take with them..... when are you coming back?????


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