Monday, October 5, 2009

"They liked it! They laughed!

Just picked Carter up from school & we're driving home...
Me: Carter, so, how was school? What did you learn?
Carter: Mommy, I burped at school today. The kids liked it. They laughed.

Me: Oh. time say "excuse me" buddy.
And don't do it on purpose.

Carter: Mommy, they liked it. They laughed.

Oh, Carter...if I told you how many
U's I got in Self-Control,
by seeking that same approval high!

I got you on the "they like me!" high. The burping...I'll never get.
This must be why my friends w/boys are reading "Wild at Heart" and "Bringing up Boys"

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1 comment:

  1. Totally just made me think of you trying to get me laughing while reading out loud in school!!! LOL!
    I was so scared of getting in trouble and your big eyes would be staring at me trying to get me to laugh and embarass myself!! LOL
    Oh Carter!


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