Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

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NY is teaming with pumpkin patches & apple orchards where you can play & pick & pray your kids smile for some winning Fall pictures. As you can see there was plenty of smiling at this one from all of us-(my mom & dad went with us to this one). You may also notice the bottom center picture which was my attempt at capturing a winning shot of my 2 kids surrounded by orange balls & hay. Not successful. I included it to make you feel better if you also didn't get the shot you wanted this year!

This one had SO much to do, especially on weekends where it was more of a fair w/the fair food & rides. We visited on a weekday & got to feed the animals, climb, slide, & pick our pumpkins. Carter got his first bee sting & I was very grateful for the wet WNY mud anywhere I stepped b/c the stinger came out & the crying was minimal. We made another visit to a pumpkin patch the next week with Dan's side of the family in the Finger Lakes, NY. (LOTS colder that day!)

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