Wednesday, October 7, 2009

guest blogger: lori bunk

Special Guest Blogger: Lori (Carlson) Bunk writes:

One of my favorite things about Friday mornings is getting my coffee, checking my email and finding out what Tina has posted in her “Friday Finds.”

Have you ever lived vicariously through another person?

Ever since college, I have always been in love with Tina’s sense of fashion and creativity and have sometimes wondered how she continued to always be spot on. I remember manipulating her into my room the night before our Junior/Senior banquet in college and begging her show me how to do my makeup.

I still use the tips she gave me to this day! (She also shared with me her brilliant tip on how to get a smooth shave for a formal dress, but I’ll just keep that one to myself for now). I’m definitely a jeans and hoodie type of girl, so I’ll leave the fashion and culture to Tina, but I do love finding new and exciting things to do with my kids.

Since Tina asked me to be a guest blogger, I wanted to share some of the fun fall things I’ve found that I will be trying this next month.

It’s no secret that although it’s the hardest job on the planet, being a mom can be super fun… and I’m enjoying every minute of it (well, except the 30 minutes right before naptime). Enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

Candy Box Robots

Coffee Painting

Apples on a Stick

Thanksgiving Turkey

Love Lori's ideas as much as I do? Follow her ideas on her blog.

Here she is with her 2 very lucky kids!
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  1. it was tina who introduced me to the "eye-lash curler," and to heating it up with car vents before curling! yes, we all benefitted from her tips!

  2. kathryn adamson! why can i not get access to your wonderful blog???


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