Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Kate Adamson

Guest Blogger: Kate Adamson writes...

Four-teen-er: a mountain over 14,000 feet, and a status symbol of induction into Colorado’s famous outdoor life.
Time: Last Saturday Place: The Decalibron (a series of 4 fourteener peaks in Colorado) Who: Me and my church hiking group Experience with me: 50-60 mile an hour winds causing such bad wind burn my face is still raw and peeling. Sloshing through two feet of snow. Gardening gloves instead of snow mittens. Gravel flying through the air pinging my ear drum. Hyperventilating as a result of the chest congestion from the swine-ish flu I had two days earlier. Knees killing with each step. Functioning on two 4-hour-sleep nights. And, literally five minutes into the 3-turned-to-9-INSANE-hour hike, discovering the postman delivered (Is that kosher for a blog?) And absolutely NO WHERE to take care of “things” except behind two little small rocks. Brutal. Very, very, very brutal.

But, I finished! Despite it all, last Saturday will probably be one of my favorite memories of fall. If I have learned anything over the past two years, it is this--that perseverance through hellish circumstances forges within us not only a depth of character, but rewards us with a gift that is only gained through the fight--joy. The joy of looking back and knowing we didn’t give up. Out of the four of us who did the whole hike, I was last. Trudging along and feeling bad for holding everyone up, I felt like the ole’ ball n’ chain. Often in our circumstances it is tempting to compare how we are handling life in contrast to others. Maybe it’s with those who have more time, more money, more friends, more love in their marriage, more opportunities at work, or just that they don’t have to deal with all our problems. But, what we often forget is that perseverance is no respecter of persons--it doesn’t matter when we finish, but just that we do.

To me, joy isn’t happiness, but rather, it is a inner sense of knowing. Knowing that we can o
vercome what is in our path. Knowing that God can handle our disappointment, our anger, our hurt, and our doubt--and that He will never turn us away, no matter how much we yell at him, blame him, or run from him. Knowing that in the face of certain loss, hope always exists. Knowing, that in the end, a beauty--a glorious, majestic beauty--is what we will see at the top. For, there is joy on the other side of this journey. The other side of the mountain, wind, and chapped face. On the other side of finishing. Pin It

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